We could rarely find artists who feel the art in a philosophical angle and go forward with a devotional attitude. They are always enthusiastic to propagate the subject with this great thought. They sing for "Atmanubhavam" and they teach for more development of bhakti yoga in one and all. While working in the field they feel that they converse with God.

Among such rare artists, is the young musician Parupalli Satyanarayana who made his mark as an artist of substance in the realm of music with devotional genre. He is propagating the remarkable compositions of Saint Annamacharya. The artist in the field of Music. The concerts of Parupalli Satyanarayana essays not only the sweetness of the songs (Sankeertanas) but also a deep devotional involvement and mark him as true artist.

Parupalli Satyanarayana hails from a family of musical flow. "Gaayaka Saarawabhowma" Parupalli Ramakrishnayya Pantulu, the legend who sowed the seeds of Carnatic Music in Andhra Pradesh. Whose creative tutelage groomed the legends of Carnatic Music like "Padma Vibhushan" Sri Mangalampalli Balamurali Krishna etc., :"

Gaana Saraswati" Parupalli Satyanarayana a stalwart in cine and drama field, and Ramakrishnayya Pantulu are the grand fathers of Parupalli Satyanarayana.

Satyanarayana always feels that his elders are the driving force behind his achievements. Capturing the h earts of people with his inherent melodious voice, he was invited by various organizations, not only in India but also in U.S., Kenya, Nairobi, Uganada, Tanzania, Maritious to sing Annamayya Sankeertanas and all those concerts were very much appreciated as a result of his outstanding performance. Wherever he echoed his melodious voice singing Annamayya Sankeertanas, won the hearts of music lovers. Along with the melody...he aptly presents the paripoorna bhakti bhava. He demonstrates a level of commitment through his performace and wins audience with reverberating response.

Parupalli Satyanarayana have many awards and accolades to his credit, yet he considers his performance at Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Annamayya Celebrations as the highest reward.

Popular audio recording Companies like T - Series, Tips, Lahari, Cauveri, Sneha, Sri Vidya etc., have released the Cassettes and CDs of Parupalli Satyanarayana.

Recently at Visakhapatnam on the sea shore he led a gala classical festival with thousand artists and successfully presented "Sagara Teeramlo Sahasra GAla Sammelanam" with "Annamayya Saptagiri Sankeerthana Ganam" and Thyagaraja Utsava Sampradaya, Divyanama Sankeertana Brindaganam at Ravidrabharati organised by SANKEERTANA SAMPRADAYA KALA VEDIKA...received remarkable appreciation.


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